Meet Me at 2:00 AM



Meet my other half MissBERTH. She is an eight-year-old no gender alien living somewhere in cyberspace. (I used the pronoun “she” because her other half who is an artificial eartling, which is obviously me, is a girl.)

Let me build ourselves to you:

MissBERTH is the writer, while me-the earthling is the traveler.  She writes a lot and she always talk about my journey to the planet Earth. We are both readers, and we love to talk about random things.

MissBERTH has the romantic side, since she writes novels and she’s a fan of any romantic stories online. She loves to read manga and watch anime, but just like what I’ve said before, her genre will always be in the romance section.

While she is in the romantic side of our whole being, I, the earthling doesn’t care about love, but I like it whenever MissBERTH talks about her stories.

I, the earthling loves music and drawing, but those two things doesn’t love me. I am a frustrated guitarist and a trying hard manga-ka, thanks to the power of technology since it gave MissBERTH a chance to know about editing. And thus, she edits our face a lot in photoshop and other things that I can’t really do in a piece of paper.

You might get confuse by now, but I tell you, my other half and I, do really exist. She’s an alien, and I’m not. Although we both have different world, you can still find both of us during our spare time in the ideal world of fangirls.

To sum it all up, our whole being is full of everything about fangirling. I travel not only for the sake of traveling, but also to find my idols-those earthlings that I consider AMAZING, and she writes not just for the sake of art, but also for our dreams to be with our idols.

But don’t worry, our blog is not just for fangirling, but this is for our life (as a student) and for our randomness.

And the one who’s writing right now, is not actually me the earthling, but it’s I, MissBERTH the alien. 🙂





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