ADU’s Silip@Lente Talks About Film Making In The Generation of Digital Shift

Cr: Silip@Lente Facebook page

Adamson University’s Silip@Lente held a seminar with the theme, “Deep Focus: In The Generation of Digital Shift in Filmmaking” last August 19, 2014 at Ozanam Audio Visual Room from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

AB in Communication students especially those who are currently taking Film Appreciation class get a chance to listen and learn from the experts.

Those experts, were guest speakers such as; Christopher Articona, who was a former cameraman and a former professor in Adu; Carlo Mendoza, who was an award winning cinematographer; and Tony Y. Reyes, who was also an award winning director and producer.

Though the seminar was short, the guest speakers were still able to share some of their thoughts and experiences while working on the actual field, and many adamsonians were inspired by their stories.

-Liliberth N. Fabriga


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